Upgrading from EFS 18-55 IS & 55-250 IS to EFS 15-85 USM?

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Re: Upgrading from EFS 18-55 IS & 55-250 IS to EFS 15-85 USM?

ErnJay wrote:


Currently I have 450D with twin IS kit lenses - 18-55 & 55-250 (also have nifty-fifty). For my upcoming trip to Japan I was thinking maybe it's worth replacing kit lenses with single Canon EF-S 15-85 USM?

Did anyone here switched from IS kit lenses to 15-85? If so, did you notice better IQ?

OTOH, with all the new technology coming, is it actually worth investing in EF-S lenses?

Any help is really appreciated!

I started with the 450D as well as my 1st dslr....a very nice camera!  I owned the 15-85 and took thousands of pictures with it.  I think the combination of FL coverage, advanced IS, build quality and IQ make this lens really tough to beat.  I never owned the 18-55 kit lens, but had a chance to test both it and the 55-250.  I was surprised how good the 18-55 was.   However, the overall versatility and other advantages (mentioned above) of the 15-85 is a real selling point to consider.

If cost is not a major issue....my vote would be for the 15-85 over the 18-55 and keep the 55-250 (another great performer and a terrific value).

You also raised a concern about investing in EF-S lenses.  If this helps.....I recently went the full frame route and am currently in the process of selling all of my 1.6 crop gear.  I bought the 15-85 in 2010 for around $600....and just recently sold it for $500.  The lens held its value very well!

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