Fotodiox softbox junk or not?

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lamike New Member • Posts: 6
Re: Fotodiox softbox junk or not?

Quality is similar to Photoflex.  I have 6 of there boxes and strips.  However when you grid them they droop a lot, especially on their x-large box.  Speedrings are the same as Photoflex versions.  I think people break speedrings because there assembling them wrong.

If you need to disassemble quickly and reassemble then I would go with there Pro Studio Solutions brand.  They are built like the PC Buff softboxes/umbrella style.  Have these as well and good quality.

By the way I'm not affiliated with them, but two of my studios are built around these products.  Let me know if you need more info.  All boxes mounted on Alien Bees or Einsteins.  Also the bigger softboxes are too heavy to support the standard Alien Bee mounts.  You have to use the Kacey Enterprise softbox adapter to support the weight.


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