Photographing a Person: A test of focal lengths

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[Great links] 50mm FF is necessary to avoid facial distortion

Good find.  This is a much more useful comparsion.  Looking at the photo, it seem that

  • 19mm ~ 24mm produce horrific facial distortion, best avoid @all cost
  • 35mm, still suffer from unfortuante nose exaggeration
  • 50mm ~70mm look the most natural to me, like seeing the person in real life instead of a viewing an artificial person on a glamour magazine
  • 100mm ~ 300mm essentially look the same.  Its that same glamour magazine look.  Extreme telephoto can melts away the busy backdrop, but it also render the a flat 2d magazine

In theory, m43 produce exactly the same effect right?  So if I prefer

50mm ~ 70mm Portraits here, then I should be looking for 25mm ~ 35mm lens on m43?

]FoolyCooly wrote:

I found this on the internet some time ago. I believe these were taken with a FF body but the results should be similar when shooting 35mm equivalents.

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