What is the best digital camera for photographing fast moving objects? (sports, children, animals)

Started Apr 9, 2013 | Questions thread
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+1 for the A57

Someone mentioned the Sony A57, and I'm going to second that. Performance for dollar, it's one of the best things going right now. Articulating screen, nice EVF, object tracking, 12 FPS, one of the best live views available, great 16.1 mp sensor and that's not even mentioning the video capabilities. Sony is about to release the A58 "upgrade" (I use the term upgrade loosely), and deals on the A57 have been flat out ridiculous. Body only has been as low as $399. I saw this deal just awhile ago on Amazon:


I have that lens and it's a great match with the A57. Also, cheap enough that you could pick up a nice prime to go with it.

Feel free to look at some of my photos, if you want an idea of what the A57 can do. Alot of them were taken with legacy Minolta glass. There are some good low light examples as well. By no means am I the greatest photographer, but it might help.


Cheers and good luck with whatever you decide!!

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