Nikon 85mm F1.8G I bought into the hype about how sharp it is. and " how its the best and sharpest"

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Re: Nikon 85mm F1.8G I bought into the hype about how sharp it is. and

Shotcents wrote:

Sorry, Lazy...

I've tested all of these lenses. It's fair for you to say which lens YOU like, but the rest is all subjective.

Except the Sharpness! The 85mm 1.8G is sharper on a D800 or D800e.

Except the Bokeh! The 85mm 1.4G has bokeh that is a notch beyond the 1.8G.

What you call clinical I call "real" and exactly what I want from a portrait lens. The dreamy quality of the 1.4G is not to my taste. I view it as a lens for shooting babies in a studio.

As for the 1.4D, I also owned that lens and it absolutely makes the new 1.4G look clinical by comparison, so I know why some of my friends continue to prefer it over all others. The 1.4D is even better for those studio baby shots!

In the end and looking at things more practically, the 1.8G and 1.4G lenses are so close it's pretty tough to tell them apart in real world shooting without pixel peeping. It's nothing remotely close to the IQ disparity that existed between the older versions.

For candids and portraits I find that the sharpness and AF speed is more important than the 1.4G bokeh advantage. Mind you, these are BOTH great lenses, but this is not a case where one lens wins on all fronts. Both have specific strengths. Choose according to taste and don't play "class warrior" games with lenses!

My speaker cables cost more than ALL of your lenses! So there.


I'm sorry Robert but it seems you should have spent less on cables and more on lenses. Cables have much more of a diminishing return than quality glass. But seriously, I know I'm not alone in thinking you are doing those who are honestly evaluating and making decisions a grave disservice. The new 85 1.4 is a far better lens than the 1.8. Not by a notch here and a smidge there either!

You like your 85 and that's fine. I don't know what your friends are telling you except maybe what they know you WANT to hear but the new 85 1.4 is not a dreamy rendering lens. That distinction goes to the old 1.4. I also can easily tell the difference between the 2 lenses. Just take a look on's very easy to do and the results are very telling.

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