Sigma 19 or 30 for Landscapes

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Re: Sigma 19 or 30 for Landscapes

The Sigma lenses certainly have their place. They give very sharp results (corner to corner) are very light weight and cheap compared to other e-mount lenses. As previously mentioned in this thread, they're ideal if you want to make big prints or like pixel peeping.

They're not great for low light conditions - part of the reason they are relatively cheap is that they do not have OSS which is worth a couple of stops of aperture (or more) in terms of being able to hand hold the camera at slower shutter speeds and get acceptable results.

For low light, the E35 and E50 lenses are much better choices if you need auto focus, light weight and compact dimensions. But, you pay much more for them.

If you can deal with manual focus and can accept more bulk, legacy lenses can be a good option. There are some really great lenses out there which can still be cheap (for example, the Konica 50mm f/1.4 which often sells for around $80, so less than $100 including an adapter. This is far from the cheapest option, but is underrated IMO).

Sometimes, there's no substitute for the convenience of auto focus; you need time to develop the skills to use legacy lenses effectively, and sometimes you just don't have the time.

Thanks for that.  As I mentioned above, the E35 probably makes the most sense for me, but I am having a hard time with the asking price.  On the other hand if it will give me the low light ability that I need from time to time, like in museums or places where you can't use a flash, maybe it's worth it.

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