X Pro 1 lens and adapters.

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Re: X Pro 1 lens and adapters.

This question gets asked regularly on the Sony Nex forum. Focus peaking on the Nex cameras makes manual focusing legacy lenses easier but using the magnify view function on the Fuji it isn't that hard as well.

I have a few adapters so far - Nikon and Contax g.

I have used several Nikons and they all work well. The main issue is size and weight. I find the Nikon 50 and 85mm F1.8g work well as does the Nikon 180 F2.8.

On the Nex I got a Contax g 90mm F2.8 Sonnar. This is a Zeiss lens and the improvement in quality of the lens was immediately apparent. I was sold. I have ordered a 45mm F2 Contax g. The adapter I got from China is a bit notchy as the Contax g lenses focus differently to other lenses. I hear the Fotodiox adapter and Metabones are much smoother. I have ordered the Fotodiox one.

A Contax g 90mm is about $300, the 45mm F2 is about $475-600. There is also a 35mm F2, a 28mm 2.8 and a 21mm F2.8. The 21mm is the most expensive at about $900.

Often Olympus Zuiko lenses come up as do Minolta Rokkor MD 50mm lenses in recommendations.

Voigtlander 12mm 15mm 28mm colour skopar come up often as recommendations. The wider Voigtlander can have some colour bias in the corners of the image issues on some cameras. Not sure about the Fuji, I seem to recall a few posts where it can cause a magenta cast.

Nikon 28mm F2.8 AIS is often recommended in full frame forums as a cheap, excellent and sharp lens.

Canon FD glass is popular in the Nex forums.

Watch out for some old lenses though as some have radioactive Thorium Oxide in some of the glass elements and are slightly hot. Mainly the SMC Super Takumar Pentax. I read about this and discovered I had an old SMC 55mm F2 and it was one of the radioactive ones. I wasn't even using it. The lenses can go yellow from the thorium and cleans up with UV over time.

So far I find my Nikons good but the star is the Contax g and I can see myself using that as my main lens. The colour and sharpness just makes an ordinary scene look great.


Thanks Greg.
Seems a lot of variety, options and opinions almost feel spoilt for choice I think I'll pick something in the 50mm range and take it from there.
My first real go at manual focusing but the x pro seems suited to it as I feel I want to experiment more than with the dslr I think possibly down to size and weight.

Thank you all for your replies its much appreciated.

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