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I have a new D800 with updated firmware and I'm seeing noise at ISO 320 and 800.  IS this normal or do I have a setting deep inside the menu that i need to turn off?

It doesn't seem to be all that clean.

Any suggestions?

  1. There is no noise difference with the new FW
  2. If you see noise at iso 320 you mis-exposured. (underexposure)

Nothing to do with the camera, nor with the FW. To buy a book "basics of digital photography" would be a good first step to get noise free images.

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Stany Buyle
I like better one good picture in a day than 10 bad ones in a second..

First let me comment, I never stated that the FW was causing more noise   What I did state was the 800 had noticeable noise at ISO 320 and 800 which seemed a bit odd.

Comparing this to my older 5D MK2 where i shot over 30,000 photos in many lighting and exposure situations, I would expect the D800 to perform better.  That's why I was asking if anybody seeing the same thing.

The way you worded your question made it look as if firmware update cause noticeable noise increase on D800.

BTW where did you get the idea that D800 will not show noise at iso 800-3200. You will see noise but they clean up nicely. Even 5DII shows noise at iso1600-3200.

My bad. I thought OP said iso 3200. Noise at 320 to 800 is not normal. My 5DII shows no noise at that low iso. My D800 shows noise at iso 800.

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