What would you charge?

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$20,000 so daft...?

To be honest I've just recently charged £5000 ($7600) for 20 corporate headshots and no one considered buying their own gear...

I'm doing a reduced price of £2200 ($3300) for 30 headshots against a simple white background.

Neither of these are with any retouching so $100 per head isn't that daft.

Granted $20,000 would be a nice figure but given the amount I'd be guessing a discount would be in order.

To do 200 people in 6 locations would be about 12 days shoot with me and then there's travel rates (6 travel days at 1/2 rate) so that's about 15 days rate.  At a reduced rate of £700 per day that's £10,500

£10,500 = $16,000

Depends on what you produce and how much your clients love you I guess but this is an exercise to demonstrate we're not talking pennies (or cents) here.

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