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Re: That's just the way EVF is...

So what you say is that on a very bright day, with my eye to the viewfinder, when I print the shot I won't see what I saw in the viewfinder?  Well I've only got about 10,000 shots of the 99 and 60,000 on the 77, and I usually need little or no PP.  But here we are again, off track.

The issue is, does the a99 turn dark in the viewfinder.  The answer is, in case you don't have one, NOT NORMALLY.  I've never seen that.  Not on the 77 nor the 99.

Now the question is one of expectations.  Does the OP have a different set of rods and cones.  Sure. Mine are pretty much shot when it comes to darkness.  IN the semi darkness my camera sees things I cannot.  I can hold up the camera and peer in to someones garage and see what is in there.  When I look, I just see blobs of grey.  Put the camera out and I see the lawnmower etc.

In my opinion, the OP's camera is broke.

We are not discussing the 900.  Not in the least.  Maybe you can hold out hope that Sony licences their a900 OVF to Pentax.  And they jack the Max to the iso.

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