Photographing a Person: A test of focal lengths

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Re: The viewing size has an effect too

Tom Axford wrote:

Thanks for posting your tests.

There is an interesting discussion of this at and some quite good animations of the effect.

One point that doesn't seem to have been mentioned in previous posts (unless I have missed it) is the effect of the size of the image as seen by the viewer. Your examples images were posted at quite a modest size, but viewing them much larger would change the visual effect. The distortion apparent in portraits taken with a wide-angle lens looks more unnatural in a thumbnail image than in the same image filling a large screen and viewed from fairly close.

A very good point that I failed to mention.  Size of image and viewing distance are important and directly affects how much the distortion will be perceived, if at all.

Also, a distinction must be made in what the portrait is about, to flatter the subject or to get an effect such as proximity, for more meaningful assessment of FLs.

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