Recommend an inexpensive fast MF portrait prime for NEX ?

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Re: Recommend an inexpensive fast MF portrait prime for NEX ?

Amamba wrote:

Well I decided to stick with SEL50F18 as this is going to be my most used lens and I like it.

Still need a couple of cheap sharp lenses to cover wide and long ends. I find the performance of the kit lens rather underwhelming.

Right now my Nex barely comes close to performance of my T3i as far as the output goes. Needless to say much of if is user problems - I don't know the system as well. But it worries me a bit that many NEX photos I see on the web appear soft and lacking contrast. Then again, I wonder how many users just post JPEGs straight out of camera. Looks like NEX JPEGs have some issues with AWB, flat curves and overly aggressive NR.

However it's hard to pick up DSLR again after handling this little camera :).

Does anyone know of a good and relatively compact MF zoom ? I'm afraid the answer is no, old zooms weren't exactly known for being compact or having good IQ. Just have to hope Sony will get through their teething problems and come up with one.

Also, does anyone here use an external flash that can be bounced both in portrait and landscape orientation, and isn't very large ? I assume it had to be used in manual settings via an adapter. I looked at Sony's own external flash but it doesn't look like it can be bounced in vertical orientation, and I don't know how powerful it is. I could try my Canon 480EX with an adapter but it's a large and heavy thing.

You could try the Minolta MD 35-70mm f3.5, if this zoom range is sufficient for you. It is an excellent versatile and sharp little zoom. If you are interested, find the f3.5 constant aperture with "Macro" setting. The "macro" is barely a close-up (max 1:4 magnification), but is quite useful for shortening the MFD.

Which Nex model are you using ?


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