For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

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Re: For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

I have both and like both of them.  I like the 20 mm because of its small size, and if I am walking around town, it works really well.  But I also take the 25 mm uptown with me for an outing.  I have two kits ready to role when ever I walk out the door.  One bag is so small it holds my G3 with a 20 mm on it, and it has two very small pockets, one just can hold a memory card, and the other an extra battery.  When I first bought the 25 mm I thought it might replace the 20 mm but that hasn't happened.

Here is one I shot a week or so in uptown Charlotte.  I used the 25mm with my ISO set to 400.  I saw the girl on the right side of the picture wearing this pink thing on her head.  I walked on by , and thought it would make a good photo, so turned around and went back to the window.  I pointed to my camera, and to the girl with the pink thing on her head, and she smiled at me, called back to her friends and they  all came to the window.  I like b&w, and I like the way it looks this way.  All four of the girls are the subject, and not just the one with that thing on her head.

Not bad, but I really like the b&w better.  In this my eyes always come back to that pink thing.  Also, I used Nik Software to darken the reflection in the B&W.

The main reason I might carry the 20 over the 25 is size.  I have to have a bigger bag for the 25 mm lens, so that bag seems to get more stuff crammed into it.  The small bag with the 20 mm is so small and light I don't notice that it is there.  I can also place my 14 mm into my pocket along with an extra battery or two on a vacation.  I am going to be going to Chicago for part of a week, and I will take the 14 and 20 with me because of size.

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