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Flat view
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Feels great in my hand. Control layout is uncluttered and very easy to use. Menu is advanced but simple to understand. Viewfinder is clean and bright (not too many AF points to interfere with my view). Live view is excellent and the magnification allows you to check your focusing accuracy. The battery seems to last forever.

Image quality is stellar. Colours are spot on and the metering works perfectly. I'm very pleased, and, really, image quality is all that counts when you use a camera.

High ISO images up to 6400 are all great and usable for cropping. 12800 to 25600 you can still use the pictures for most applications, but there's more noise. I'm quite pleased: I can shoot in a pitch black room, where my eyes can't even focus. So everything I shoot can be naturally lit. No more blurry shots!

I'm not a sports photographer, and have attached high quality manual focus lenses. 4.5 frames per second is too much for me to handle in terms of the amount of space it'll take up on my PC. Connect some Zeiss or other manual SLR lenses and the image quality compares very favourably with the Leica M for a fraction of the price. If you don't believe me, check the forums.

Full HD video is a great feature. Look on youtube for some samples - they are very impressive. Couple the 6D with some bright primes, and the results are broadcast quality.

The wifi is great! I don't need a remote because I can use my phone and see what the camera is currently pointed at. Then focus and shoot! And, unlike a remote, I can use "live view" through my phone. GPS is an amazing feature and those who knock it are just being flippant. For many people who travel, it's a nice extra feature to have to be able to trace the origin of a photo.

A lot of people on the forums think there is a battle between Nikon and Canon (and occasionally also Leica and Sony) for FF dominance, and that they must pick a side. This is ridiculous. I got this camera because it was at an acceptable price point, and it met my specific needs given the lenses I already have and those that I intend to purchase. I don't print billboards and I rarely pixel peep.

Also, many people on the forums or on review sites compare this camera to APS-C cameras and discuss how the resolution and ISO compare. This is missing the point. You cannot compare an APS-C to a FF sensor any more than a you would compare a FF to a Medium-format Hasselblad. They have different purposes. In particular, regardless of how low your light is or how sharp the image is, the effect you get from a larger sensor with a wide-aperture lens gives pictures a different quality - typically with a narrower DOF. There is no better or worse - it depends on your goals. For me, I wanted to increase my bokeh, which means that FF with bright primes is key. For me, perfect focussing accuracy is secondary.

Remember: a camera is a tool, so don't dwell too much on total weight or viewfinder size or pixel count. Make sure it is intuitive and responsive so that you can get the most out of it. Get whichever one you want. In my opinion, the Canon 6D is perfect. The only improvement I can think of would be to lower the price.

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Flat view
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