Epson Artisan + luster paper profile?

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Re: Epson Artisan + luster paper profile?

motion wrote:

I don't quite follow. The manual clearly says on page 37 (the chart) that for "Epson ultra premium photo paper luster" you should choose the "ultra premium photo paper luster" paper setting (I suppose "ultra premium luster" is more or less the same as "premium luster", but I can't find neither in the "Media type" menu from within the "Print settings" section, and that's even after having freshly reinstalled the Epson drivers/software today).

I will not make a bit of difference. Pick the semigloss paper setting that do have.

The Epson Semi Gloss ( which is the OLD name ) and Luster family of papers requires practically the same settings for ink density, paper thickness and surface. In fact if you choose Ultra Premium Glossy you will not see any difference in rendition.

I'm aware that profiles aren't the same thing as media settings, and I need to get both right. The "media type" options I have do correspond to what the various paper types (from Epson at least) are labelled on their packages ("Premium glossy photo" etc.) so I would expect "Luster" to be in there somewhere.

Your driver obviously is not up to date which is common for Mac Epson Drivers. Just use the SemiGloss paper choice and if printing through an ICC profile from your Editing App, choose the same SemiGloss ICC profile.

I just looked at my Artisan 720 ( Much Older that yours but on WIN8 ) and I do have ALL the paper choices, including Luster and SemiGloss.

If there is a discernible difference in the rendition between the two, I would be very surprised.

Have you checked Epson's site for the newest version of your printer's driver?

Chose your OS

I have hardware calibrated my display recently and they are found in the exact location you mention, Hugowolf. Are you saying that the printer should be controlled by the display-calibrated profile?

NO. The Monitor profile you created during calibration is only used by the monitor. NOT the printer. DO not make the mistake to load the monitor profile instead of the ICC or ICM paper profiles. Two different animals altogether.

I thought I would either have to use the standard printer ICC profile that comes with the printer (for a more or less correct outoput) or in case of having hardware calibrated the printer (I don't have a printer calibrator) you'd use the profile for that.

If you are using OEM Paper and Inks, you really do not need any custom ICC profiles and will get excellent results from the canned EPSON profiles which are excellent.

As long as you print with OEM inks you can even use 3rd party papers as many manufactures will provide you will their custom profiles BUT they are meant to be used with OEM inks.

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