Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

yray wrote:

Keith Aitken wrote:

I do wonder whether a D400 will be as revolutionary as the D300 in its day, or whether it will launch along the more evolutionary D3 to D4 transition. I mean, how much better can things get ?

I think we already know what kind of IQ we can expect from the D400, just look at the D7100. I think it is pretty good, I don't think it is revolutionary.

With everything else you'll be splitting hairs comparing it to the D300, unless video and various bells and whistles matter to you a lot. In fact, most people looking forward to D400 probably don't want anything else changed from D300, lest Nikon ruin it with improvements.

I doubt this will be a game changer, I just don't see how can it be. Even if Nikon figured out how to make it shoot 30 frames a second -- do you really need it?

I actually do think this is going to be a game changer much like the D300.  It's just taken too long to replace. I don't think incremental improvements are on the way.  Wow type stuff is coming...

Game changer I say!

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