HS50EXR - SL1000 - Any other superzoom - Which one to buy ??

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Re: HS50EXR - SL1000 - Any other superzoom - Which one to buy ??

nicknd99 wrote:

What are a few features that would top your wishlist for an X-S2?

I wonder if the technology gap that exists between the XS-1 and it's newer cousins (HS50, FZ200, etc) make up for it's larger sensor benefit?

In fact, I will not see my wishlist top features as soon. I wanna see a APS-C sensor on it with 1200mm focal lenght, but there is a lot physics problems that any brand have to resolve.

By now, just improve IQ (That's fuji are forgetting in my opinion)
Better AF - As hybrid system phase detection as HS50
Better display resolution... 920kdots minimum
High Dynamic Range
and better aperture - That was a great feature of panasonic FZ200 takes f/2.8 in all zoom range.

I don't believe that is a technology gap in sensors. An old 10 years camera can take a great shot, better that any bridge camera.

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