Where is my D400?!!!

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Re: The D600 looks darn good...As one who DOES know the D300 .....

and who now has a D600 to replace it, I think I can speak reliably on this.

First of all, is the D600 THE repalcement for the D300?  Absolutely not.  Where does it "beat" the D300, two places for me.

1. Higher Iso, no doubt about it.  How many stops?  Don't know I am too lazy to test, but I will tell you 6400 looks darned good.

2. AF - this was my big concern.  I purchased a D800 last summer, replacing my first D300, after testing the AF.  Frankly, the D800 AF just blew me away, and still does.  Not that the D300 is "bad" by any standard, but the D800 acquires much faster and holds focus better.  Not surprising to me at all with the time that has passed.  I was concerned about this with the D600, but could not pass up the "holiday" sale on the bundles, I figured I could easily sell the body if it didn't work out.  I was also worried that it would be like the D7000, with only the 39 AF poings.  But I am very pleasantly surprised.  It AF's almost as well as the D800, suffering a bit when the light is really low.  But it also focuses reliably, and quickly, at f8.

Where does the D600 fall short?  In my opinion FPS is the big one.  5.5 is nice, 8 would be better.  DX mode is "sufficient", just over 10mp on the D600, to suffice, but I prefer the just under 16mp of the D800.  My thinking is as follows:

1. In December I could still get decent money for my remaining D300

2. If the D400 shows up this year at about 24MP DX, with the new crop modes of the D7100 and 8fps, I will buy one and probably sell the D600

3. If the D400 never shows up, I will probably pick up a D7100 as a 3rd body.  Using 12 bit and managing your shots, the buffer is an annoyance, but not a show-stopper.

As to the "full metal body" and the lack of dedicated buttons, yeah, I know these really bother some folks, but I have no trouble working with both the D800 and D600, just as I had no problem in the past with a D200/D70, or D300/D200/D70.  If the AF is up to snuff, and from what I read about the D7100 with the 51 af points, that can't be "worse" than the AF in the D600.

Now, I will admit that I do miss the 8fps, or at least the sound of it, but so far I have been able to manage the lower frame rates and find that my keeper rate is as good as before, as some many more shots in a sequence are in focus.

As always, YMMV, these are, after all, just the ramblings of one old fellow who used a pair of D300's from day 1 until the end of 2012 for something around 120,000 images.

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