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anthonyhnj wrote:

I looked into the paul c buff stuff today.  I have a question regarding triggers for that setup, does every monolight need its own receiver or do i just need one and let the other light fire via optical?

Paul Buff sell his packages (3 lights, with only one Tx and one Rx trigger); So you trigger the other 2 monolights from their optical slaves.

If you are in your own indoor studio, optical slaves are OK.  If you are outdoors in bright sun, or indoors at a wedding where lots of other people are shooting their flashes, then Radio triggers on each light can provide more reliable triggering.

You can also add the extra fancy slaves to each light, that allow you to adjust the output of the lights from the camera (Buff's Cyber Commander, so you don't have to climb a stool to reach and adjust the hair light).

For my cheaper budget, I'm very happy with Cactus V5 radio flash triggers.  5 units (one for TX and 4 for RX) cost about $200.  This model has a rare feature that allow me to fire strobes individually or all at once, from the camera. (I individually check Main light, fill light, background light, hair light; then fire all 4 at once; Takes just a few seconds for each light, all done from behind my camera; When the Transmitter frequency is set to special channel-1 it fires receivers on Chan 2, 3, 4, 5 simultaneously; When TX is set to Chan 2, it only fires the RX set to Chan-2... thumb-wheel on the transmitter mounted to camera hotshoe allows quick selection of Channel 1-16).

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