Jupiter 50mm f2 adapter

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Re: Jupiter 50mm f2 adapter

kuuan wrote:

Did you have to get a specific Kiev body to get the mount off? It looks like it was relatively easy to unscrew it away, I'm guessing you take off the outer plate to get to the lens mount screws?

I believe that any Kiev rangefinder will do

getting the mount off the camera was quite easy, the plate which now looks protruding screws off and it includes the mount. There is a linkage to a wheel on the Kiev camera that is used for focusing, de-coupling that was, as much as I remember, the only bit tricky part, but it was easy enough too

if I am not mistaken it was that coupling that includes a stop for how far the helicoid moves. Anyway there is not stopper any more on my adapter and therefore one can move it further, actually one must be careful not to screw it too far as the mount come into two pieces. That allows for much closer focusing as originally on the Kiev and that's the neat part, e.g with the Sonnar 1.5/50 shown above:

However I find focusing much better on a lens with built in helicoid that with this adapter, but maybe it's just mine that isn't smooth enough.

it sure is a fun project though, broken Kievs are cheap, and lenses in Contax FR mount are cheaper than their LTM equivalents

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Thats very interesting, is there any step by step guide on the internet that you might have run into?

Its something I will try but the focusing adjustment is the only thing that worries me with it, I'm looking in to getting a broken Kiev now to try it out

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