iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts

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Re: iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts

sherman_levine wrote:

. . . . . . . If you want to test the value of iZoom, you need to evaluate it at 100% using a zoom range unavailable to normal (e.g. 48x).  Does it look good to you? Is it better than upsampling a normal image to 200% in Irfanview or a similar editor?

Thanks Sherm - OK, obviously I changed the sizes to get similar framing, which, I agree, does not evaluate them both at 100%.

Also it looks as if the Resize/Resample in FastStone will do the doubling thing, so I can try that.

As with EZ Zoom with my FZ8, FZ38, FZ200, I expect the main iZoom advantage will be the user one - both camera and I seeing and focussing on the target more easliy, especially when I am spot-focussig with twigs etc in the way.

I've asked Detail Man whether the best result is only achieved at 48x, or whether any even number will do, e.g. 26x, 28x, and so on up to 46x. I suspect that I know the answer.


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