D7100 'streaking'

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Re: Streaking = Smart IQ

fotolopithecus wrote:  What would be the improvements to IQ that could be attributed to these customized offsets, and linearization's Jack?

I am not sure of what is going on under the hood so I am just guessing at this stage, but as Eric Fossum just mentioned, there are only so many ways to reduce noise.  Here's two examples:

When photosites get smaller dark current becomes an issue: it results in pattern and shot noise.  The pattern component can be measured and either subtracted or clipped.  Another item that comes to mind in CMOS is dynamic transistor biasing, depending on the estimated amount of incoming light.

If sampled and performed sensor-wide you wouldn't ever notice them.  If sampled and performed on a row by row basis, however, these operations can result in different offsets at very low Raw values.  Nothing you would notice a few stops up.  But as I said, I am just guessing at this stage.


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