iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts

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Re: iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts


So far, I think what you've shown is no real surprise...that when you view normal and iZoom at comparable magnifications, they look pretty much the same. I suspect that would be true for digital zoom and EZ as well.

For example, at "50%/25%", you're

Compressing 4 pixels into 1 in the normal

Expanding 4 pixels to 16 and then compressing 16 to 1 in the iZoom.

Even at "100%/50%", you're

Showing 1 pixel in the normal

Expanding 1 pixel to 4, and then compressing 4 to 1 in the iZoom.

so you're not accomplishing anything with the iZoom which you couldn't already do in normal.

If you want to test the value of iZoom, you need to evaluate it at 100% using a zoom range unavailable to normal (e.g. 48x).  Does it look good to you? Is it better than upsampling a normal image to 200% in Irfanview or a similar editor?


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