iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts

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Re: iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts

Detail Man wrote:

Poked around a bit looking for Panny Intelligent Zoom information. Here's a recent blog post:


So he finds it pretty good for what it is.

Looks like one of those features that Panasonic believes "less is more" where it comes to disclosure:


Ah, with LX5 the iZoom does not double the magnification, it increases it from 3.8x to 5x?

In general, these cameras (I believe) all use the Bilinear re-sampling algorithm to re-sample images (which uses a 2x2 array for computations), as Bicubics, Lanczos, and other larger array algorithms would very likely be too computationally-intensive for the in-camera hardware.

Bilinear does well with up (or down) sampling ratios of exactly 2 - but not so well otherwise ...

Using "i-Zoom" with 2x sensor-crop, up-sampling by a factor of 2 sounds like the best way to use it. . . . . .

So if I use , in iZoom, any even number, say 32x (2 x 16x), or 38x (2 x 19x), that will not be as good as using 48x?

I.e. is it one-spot, or sliding scale?


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