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Re: Let's try reading comprehension!

Matthew Miller wrote:

In the interview, Jim Malcolm says:

Right, so this is kind of consistent with a lot of the research that we’ve done internally and it’s a little bit rewarding, and I guess that’s my big surprise. If you follow what the Internet says and you read the forums, the only way that Pentax is going to survive is full frame. Well, the Pentaxians are saying, “Just keep doing what you’re doing." Let’s work on optics, let’s work on the size of the camera, or the weather resistance, and battery life and resolution and start paying attention to—continue paying attention to—the camera the way it is.

He very clearly says that their customer research — "lots of research" — into the existing Pentax user base shows that people want continued improvements which play to Pentax's strengths. ("The camera the way it is.") This is in contrast to what one might think in reading "the forums" on the Internet. He even said he was surprised to see this, not that it was what he expected or wanted to see.

It is, therefore, laughable to point at more anecdotal evidence on an Internet forum as some sort of gotcha. You are following exactly what he said, except the actual point went over your head.

I do not care what his research says about pentax users, me a long time pentax user is not going to buy another pentax body or lens, except for a full frame body. If that body is not there before metabones comes up with adaptor for k mount lenses, he can say goodbye to at least me.  Can't speak for others but he is not going to get any business from me. Hope his researchers also buy pentax products because he is going to need some business from them to survive.

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