Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

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Re: Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

Andrew McP wrote:

Estimated cost of repair? £180! That includes the cost of a new optical assembly, which might not be required, but I'm certainly not going to gamble that kind of money on a repair.

You have been warned! :->

Okay, they have not quoted you £180 for repair, they have given you a worst case scenario, if the optics are damaged..... From an engineering point of view, if the optics were goosed you wouldn't be getting a single usable image, the focus would be stuttering, the lens would be a basket case.

What you have is probably a jumped cog or some other mechanical fault.

In my experience (mostly with oly, but including companies such as toshiba, garmin, geonav etc etc) if you post back for repair they will often complete minor repairs (however caused) gratis, it's good for their reputation to have you as a customer now and in the future.

Send the camera in with a cover note that no work should be started without contacting you first for a go ahead. Then you will know exactly how much the cost of repair will be.

I bet you will get the camera back repaired. If they open the camera and the repair is minor, it will be more effort not to fix it and send it back to you, than to start piddling about working out a quote.

What do you have to lose, sending the camera in does not make you liable for anything?

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