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she has another reason (iMovie)

gipper51 wrote:

ClintB wrote:

Sooo, because you're a PC guy, you want to impose that onto your wife and control what she purchases? Get over your wants, get her what *she* wants and win big time.

If it's anything like my house where my wife doesn't know squat about computers except how to post on facebook and buy off ebay and I'm the one doing her tech support....I want an OS I'm familiar with!  It's a happy compromise - you want my help then buy something I know how to work with.

If she was computer savy and wanted a mac for a specific reason other than "it's a Mac so it's cool", I'd say have at it.

She has another reason.   She's been using iMovie on an iPad to create/edit movies, and she needs something more powerful now.

So, she wants to move to a MacBook so she can continue to use iMovie, only with a more powerful processor and more features.

IOW, she's trying to avoid the learning curve associated with moving to a different product.

The OP wants her to use Premiere Pro instead.   I can imagine that there would be a huge learning curve trying to move from iMovie to Premiere Pro; so I can't blame her for wanting to stick with what she's already comfortable with.

Not everyone can handle drastic changes in work flow, learning new applications, etc. (especially with something as complex as editing video).

So, from my perspective, just buy her the MacBook Pro if she's set on using iMovie.

Of course, it probably wouldn't hurt to install a view other Video Editors (something simpler than Premiere Pro for starters) and let her test drive them to find something she's comfortable with if she's more open to at least some change.

But, I can't fault someone that's used to a given product wanting to stick with it; and it sounds to me like that's all she's trying to do (move from iMovie on iPad to iMovie on a Macbook).

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