To go full frame or not?

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Re: To go full frame or not?

I have the NEX-5N with the external EVF, and I have a D600.

The D600 has two major advantages:  faster and more precise AF; and much greater DoF control for portraiture.  The former is a function of the DSLR design, and the latter, of the sensor size.

The NEX has obvious advantages in terms of size and weight.

I love the low light capability of the Sony compared to that of almost any other camera.  One can take hand held pictures in low light that only a couple of years ago or so  would have been impossible without a Nikon D3.  The D3 was never within the realm of possibility for me.

The -5N has been problematical in terms of autofocusing in low light.  The NEX-6 is supposed to be better.

The optical stabilization on both the kit lens and the 50 1.8 is extremely effective.

As far as choosing--I am not about to get rid of the D600, and a new NEX-6 should arrive today.

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