What is largest possible print size with a GH3 1 and 12-35/f2.8 (without loss of Quality)

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Re: What is largest possible print size with a GH3 1 and 12-35/f2.8 (without loss of Quality)

josbiker wrote:

To reiteriate, Assuming you have a perfect exposure, you use a photo quality printer like Epson with Epson inks and Epson Paper or at minimum a quality paper AND you set the printer the correct way so it sprays ink correctly. Your monitor is current, maybe calibrated.

I can not see why you can not go life size like 6 feet kind of thing.  At the same time even the best print the closer you stand you'll see pixels the larger the print.

I would say the sensor is important. It would be an interesting comparison to the Fuji X series MFT or compact like the X100s to see what that yields.  The result with a DSLR would most likely be better. For that matter medium format digital is a different league.

If this is for professional/commercial use and I'm a GH-3 owner I would look elsewhere. Back to the Fuji thing. I just received the X20 compact and it reminds me of my old Contax G2 in the handling. The Xpro or XE-1 I think for stills and the GH-3 and 12-35 I have are fantastic.  I am not attached to any camera no matter how new and short I have had it.

Its about the final result when given a choice. For me video is also Very important and the GH-3 is great. Fuji for video not so great.

If I switched systems I would have to buy a dedicated video camera. Fuji does stills very well and I am starting to believe way better than Olympus or Panasonic. The problem with Fuji X and the lenses is Panasonic and Olympus just have more choice in lens selection.

I actually just sold my GX-1, 25 1.4 and 45-200 today. The body size of the GX-1 and Fuji X20 are the same. The exception the X20 has a built in zoom lens, but has a Great optical viewfinder.

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