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larrewl wrote:

I know my attached photos are underexposed.  In extremely underexposed cases, is Lightroom 4 just as good as Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 5 for creating improved jpegs or tiffs for further photo editing?  SP Pro 5 is difficult for me to use so I'm considering buying LR instead if LR4 processes severely over/underexposed FZ200 RAW images as well.  I'm not familiar with LR4 either. Any opinions are appreciated!

I don't know about Silkypix as I have not used it for several years. I can tell you that LR4 will do a great job on exposure issues as it utilizes a very user friendly slider system that allows for individual adjustments for whites, blacks, highlights, shadows, as well as overall exposure. This one of the strengths of the product.

Looking at your first shot, it is underexposed, the image is flat, the birds are dull. In LR4 you can selectively brighten the birds, add clarity and vibrance, while separately adjusting the background to suit your taste.

I believe that Adobe still offers free trial downloads of LR4. One other point, shot in RAW your images will be far more flexible and easier to post process to yield the photo you want. LR4 will work with both jpg and RAW, there is really no difference in the workflow.


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