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Re: That's just the way EVF is...

OntarioJohn wrote:

We seem obsessed with something that is irrelevant .

The object of the EVF viewfinder is not to see exactly what the eye would see.

The object of the EVF viewfinder is to see what the sensor will reproduce.

To me the whole subject of "it doesn't blind me like broad daylight where the desert meets the ocean near Tangiers as the sun is directly overhead." is el toro poo poo.

What I want to see is what the sensor is going to record.

So, "where the desert meets the ocean near Tangiers as the sun is directly overhead" as it appears dark in the EVF viewfinder, is how you would also like your final image.......dark?  We all know how you like your EVF, but it doesn't have the DR that the sensor has, so it doesn't give you WYSIWYG, sadly.

That's the reason it's there.  Go into manual mode, and if you cannot dial it back get thee a very low ISO and if not then a ND filter.

Unlike the big bright oh so wickedly orgasmic tingly feeling wonderful amazing a900 viewfinder, which is just like your eyes only better, the EVF merely is showing you what you will see later.  Not a guess at it.  No not like the OVF a900 which you have NO idea how the shot will turn out until after, the a99 will tell you RIGHT NOW.

Yes, the A900 viewfinder is wickedly orgasmic, but it displays more DR than the sensor in bright light and less in low light, so neither really gives you WYSIWYG.  You pays yer money......

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