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Re: In most conditions stabilisation is irrelevant

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Money might not be an important issue for some (or many) in this forum. However, it is for me.

After buying the E M-5 with the 12-50 kit, money being what it is, or rather, what it isn't, I had to wait some time before considering other lenses.

Then, one lens at the (long) time, I bought first the 25/1.4,  then the 45-175, then the 14/2.5.

Maybe my next lens (future) will be the Oly 75/1.8 - Or maybe not. Maybe it will be the soon to come Panasonic 150/2.8 - In any case, either of these two lenses will not have stabilization -

So, all my lenses (except the kit lens) will work with IBIS only. Which means that when in a long, long future, I will replace the E M-5 with another mirrorless, it HAS to be an Olympus, for IBIS reasons

And here comes my concern:

Panasonic and others keep releasing cameras, lenses, and more are coming out.

And Olympus? why don't we see other Olympus lenses coming up? What's happening there? did I invest in a sound system?

Stabilisation is irrelevant at the vast majority of shutter speeds.

How do you define "the vast majority of shutter speeds"?

In fact at faster shutter speeds it can degrade image quality to leave it on.

Do you have any evidence that it actually does so with any of the stabilization systems available for MFT?

The oly 45 and 75 both perform excellently on the GH3. The announcement I saw suggested the 150mm would have OIS if that's what floats your boat.

similarly, the E-M5 hasn't become a bad camera by virtue of being over 12 months old.

I'm not really sure I understand your concerns

Anders, we've discussed this before. I will accept that perhaps I should have said "the vast majority of shutter speeds used by me and others". To the extent people are regularly shooting 1/30 and slower (roughly - this may increase for longer lenses) I accept stabilisation is useful (but most of the time when I do that I am using a tripod).

1/30? With 14 mm perhaps? Where do we land at 50, 100, or 300 mm? And did you see what I said in my response to slimandy here?


What's your reaction to that?

As to tripods, even the smallest and lightest of "real" tripods (like my Sirui T-1205X) is heavier and bulkier than an FF body. Kind of defeats the purpose of MFT in many cases, doesn't it?

In any event, sometimes it is better to push the shutter speed up and increase the ISO you shoot at in those conditions, particularly with bodies like the E-M5 and GH3. Hence why minimum shutter speed in auto-ISO is such an often requested feature in cameras that don't have it.

If the subject is moving faster than the shutter speed allows it is a good idea to push it. Not otherwise.

However, many people seem to think they need stabilisation on at all times and at all shutter speeds which just isn't true.

With the 100-300 at 300, I think it increases your chances of tack-sharp results except perhaps at 1/4000.

Image stabilisation, uses motion along one axis to counter motion in the opposite axis, which I'm sure you agree is capable of reducing image quality.

Not sure I understand what you have in mind here.

The wonder of IBIS and OIS as used in M43s is that any such reduction is really only visible at 100% as a lack of ultra critical sharpness. All I can say is that I generally turn off stabilisation when I'm shooting above 1/120 and faster.

In any event, my point was that Oly lenses are perfectly well usable on panasonic bodies, which I think is a uncontentious point.

Of course they are useable without IS. IS makes them even more useful, which I hope/think is an uncontentious point as well.

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