7D Mirror Shake - w/70-200 f/2.8 - Advice on brace, please

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tvstaff wrote:

Tore my Dolica ZX600B300 Proline ZX Series 60-Inch Carbon Fiber Tripod apart to see what's loose and everything seems tight,  It's seem more the balance of the camera with the lens.

I will admit, this is NOT a great tripod.

I am using a wired realease so it's not me touching the camera, tried the bag tied to center and the wind thinks I'm a "Sail Boat"

Anyway..... I'm going to take the advice of ALL if not most you good folks and buy a MUCH better tripod and head and have a mounting plate that is larger than the piece on the 70-200.

I'm looking at tripods and heads and quality stuff will cost about $1200.00 for rock solid tripod and head and extended plate.

Anyone who has advice on the head or adapters to buy please let me know as I don't want to do this again!

Also, looking at B&H photo and others. The video tripods vs DSLR look so much better built and ROCK solid.   Wonder if I should consider this if I don't mind lugging around a HUGE piece of equipment??????

Thank you,


I know what you mean re the wind but in my case usually I need the weight just to stop all my kit blowing away. Fortunately, the type of shots I take in these conditions are of windsurfing so outdoors with a high shutter speed. The light may be poor especially when it is chucking it down but in those conditions I do not mind going to a high ISO.

Just out of interest, what are you shooting that needs such long exposures (and what is long)? Outdoors I am having to guess it is some sort of sculptures etc?

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