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Re: My HS50 EXR - Pano Plus L v M v 8 ...

Lloydy wrote:

... Went out a couple of days back to the local viewpoint with the intention to take a panorama of the town from North through South.

That was the plan but the South view is now blocked by foliage. So, had to settle for North only.

Below is the result from seven L (large) sized images stitched. The actual size is 55 x 12 inches but, obviously, resized to fit here.

Below that are some comparison images of test shots. If you care to read on, I'll explain them.

The first comparison set is a 100% view of L (large) size, at left, and M (medium) size at right. Both images are resized. The L down slightly, the M up slightly. They have also both had Auto Contrast applied in PS, nothing else.

Note - I took several L size and several M size and then chose the best of either for the comparison. Settings were identical, except for the size.

Next below is the L size image at 100%, at left, and at right is a Jpeg image at 100% taken some seven years back with a ten year old 8 mp camera. Same as the HS50 EXR image, only Auto Contrast applied.

Note - Both images were taken at roughly the same time of year and same time of day and in similar lighting conditions. Not by design, simply happenstance.

The next set is a conversion from Raw, in Lightroom, with default settings, at left, and the Jpeg from the ten year old 8 mp camera at right.

You can draw your own conclusions.

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I did a similar test with my 7 year old Panasonic FZ30 vs Fuji HS30 EXR. I was not totally surprised. Draw your own conclusions ......


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