Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

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Re: Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

Andrew McP wrote:

Of course my biggest problem is that after my disappointment with the SX50's viewfinder I'm thinking about the FZ200 again. It's almost worth £180 not to have to go through all that indecision again.

You have been warned! :->

An unfortunate accident that could happen to anyone.

Your last paragraph does give me pause for thought. I currently own a G12. What would I do if I dropped it beyond repair. I can understand your dilema with the viewfinder as the one on the G12 isn't much better. I knew that when I bought it so that is not really an issue. It does become an issue under bright conditions and I want to shoot manual.

The pics posted here by posters with an SX50 are very impressive. The competition seems to be the FZ200 which I know very little about other than that is an option. So, to make a long story short, I would look at the SX50, FZ200 or the G15 which replaced the G12.

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