To go full frame or not?

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Re: To go full frame or not?

You may be right but I would be hesitant to draw any conclusions looking at NEX 6 images only.   You would be better off looking at images taken with the 16mp APS-C sensor whether D7000, NEX 5, 6, etc.   Without doing the research you've done I would guess that the skill level and the quality of lenses used with the NEX 6 would be significantly different and more varied than the D600 but including the other cameras would give you more images taken by more skilled photographers and with better quality lenses.  If you look at some of the better images taken with the same (or very similar) sensor I think you'll have a more realistic idea of what you could achieve with the NEX 6.  I say this because the NEX 6 hasn't been out that long, not because the NEX 6 is inferior in any way to the other cameras mentioned.  I'm also not suggesting that the D600 won't be better (it will) but I do think your research is probably not giving you a complete picture.

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