24-70mm? 35mm? 50mm?

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Re: 24-70mm? 35mm? 50mm?

carnac wrote:

You already have what I consider the best lens for the job - the 24-105L f/4 IS. Although an f4 lens, the zoom range is great for kids indoors. The IS is very helpful is a lot of quick setup/off the cuff type shooting. The lens is well made and a nice size and weight for candid shots.

If you really need more light, get a Canon 580mkII, set the camera to M along with about f5.6, moderate ISO and shutter speed and point the flash at the ceiling.

I agree.  If you have to stop down anyway because you need greater DOF because you got more than one subject in the frame (e.g., f/8 is really popular these days), you'll probably need more ligh and/or have to crank up the ISO anyway.

Might as well learn how to use flash the right way.  Learn all of those techniques a lot of people are too lazy to master such as: bounce flash, fill flash, off-camera flash (including using a long flash cord), gelling the flash to match indoor lighting, use of a reflector, use of light modifiers beyond a Gary Fong or Stofen, etc.  Learn to master the light and shape it.

If you really got to buy a new lens, i vote for a 35mm for your stated needs.

For me, the correct lens upgrade order was 24-105 first, followed by a telephoto zoom, then UWA zoom, and then a 35mm and 85mm prime with a 50mm tossed in whenever I felt like it.  Only recently did I pickup a 24-70.  I love the 24-70L mk II, but, I wouldn't hesitate bringing a 24-105 to avoid bringing longer lens, especially if I got my external flash with me, or if I really need IS.

Another option would be a 24-70/4L IS for the IS.

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