D7100 Presents: Single Shot HDR

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Re: D7100 Presents: Single Shot HDR

BlueBomberTurbo wrote:

Nexu1 wrote:

Slightly too juiced for my taste (a little too HDR'ish) but it's a nice shot.

What exactly is a one shot HDR?  Just processing done in camera?

Yup, that's a single image.  The main tree was pretty much black, and the skies close to white with the default rendering.  Pulled everything back in ACR.

And "juiced" is my style.  Even though most of my stuff isn't full out HDR, I don't really strive for realism.  I like lots of contrast, yet keeping detail in the extremes, along with lots of sharpness and saturation (though not to Ken Rockwell levels ).

It's a cool image and definitley pops.  I like the composition.  Interesting foreground, leading line, tree in the middle, clouds and sunbeams...  fun image.  Nice job.

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