Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

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Re: Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

l_objectif wrote:

Steve Throndson wrote:

tasad wrote:

"How can you vote honestly and anonymously , if you enter a challenge together with your shooting buddy "  ?


It's not hard to do - you just need to be an honest person.  The kind that can go into a store and not steal something.  Or one who can declare all his income when it's tax time.  Or one who can say they're sorry when they've inadvertently done something that might have hurt someone.

Do you really think cheaters would admit they are cheating?... They wouldn't cheat in the first place!... We had other family members, "friends', gangs, club members, etc, etc that in reality were the same person! Most of them are still in challenges without being bothered by DPR! ....

Dear l_objectif,

Though I think, this conversation went already too far, I owe you -as a distinct member of our DPreview community- a reply. When you have a couple of minutes time, please look randomly some pictures in "thanasaki"'s  and "britties"'s  galleries. I am 100% sure that you -as an exceptonally skilled photographer- will definetly conclude that these pictures were taken by the two men pictured in their member's avatars and they are absolutely different persons, who sometimes happened to be in the same place. I think it is not fair to spill the names of dpreview members without carefully checking the validity of your assumptions. Concluding, the real problem for me in challenges are the "dirty" massive half star voters and perhaps the 50 facebook "friends" of someone who vote 5 stars only on a single picture and not one or two "photograhic buddies". This is all I have to say , so please consider this post as my final word to this thread.

Cheers and keep on your really exceptional photographic work.

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