A99 on short trip to TOKYO

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Re: A99 on short trip to TOKYO

chris yap wrote:

Maxxuman wrote:

Harry Lew wrote:

Inspiring set of photos. Great composition and range of subject matter. However, I'm a bit curious about the hazy, low-contrast look of most of these. Did you add that in post-processing? If so, not sure what the point is of using expensive, high-grade lenses when the output is softened so greatly. No disrespect intended. Just curious about your intentions and processing.

I'm with Harry - I don't like the hazy look either or understand why you'd take a camera and lens combo capable of high image quality and then do that to the photos.  Is it a current trend, and if so couldn't you get the same sort of results with a phone camera?  I agree with the positives Harry mentioned also.

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Hi Barry,

thank you for the complimenting on positives on my pictures and giving constructive feedback on my colours.

i have provided a more detail explanation on another post to Harry on the colour and tone.

Yes i am towards that trend of people who are following a movement to emulate film as i am gear more towards film emulation rather then towards OOC type of picture.i will take your feedback on the colours!

With regards to getting the same sort of results with a phone camera- i agreed that you might achieve a similar tone / with phone apps. but a camera hp quality would nv be anywhere near using a SLR to shoot and the results would be very obvious when you develop the picture into anything above 8R or simply just by looking from the computer monitor.

A camera hp/app can nv replicate that beautiful bokeh of a 50mm or any prime shot thru an SLR.

Cheers Barry!


OK, understood - each to their own I guess.  The only thing I'd say is that even in film days hazy photos were something most (admittedly not all) photographers tried to avoid most of the time.  Of course you have the option should your tastes change in the future to revisit your RAW files and try something different with them, which couldn't be done with a phone.  And you're right about bokeh and low light performance.

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