E M-5 and lenses . Reason to be concerned?

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Re: In most conditions stabilisation is irrelevant

MatsP wrote:

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MatsP wrote:

Agree. I had before my OMD a Canon 40D and I only used lenses without stabilization  Very seldom I really missed it. I swapped some mediocre IS equipped lenses like the kit lens 17-55 and the 55-250, for the much sharper Sigma 17-70/2,8-4,5 and 70-210/2,8 (wonderful lens) without IS and was much happier.

You should have mated the Sigma 17-70/2.8-4.5 with another body Mats. I chose that lens as well, after careful selection, and used it successfully for quite a few years with my Pentax K100D, equipped with Pentax SR of course.

Nothing wrong with 40D, it was a very nice camera and a good mate to the 17-70.

Sure. I was just teasing you a bit. Hence the smiley.

I really liked that lens and I miss something of similar sharpness, fastness, "ruggedness" and reach as a standard zoom for my E-M5. Maybe the coming 12-40 will be something like that.

I liked mine too although I find the 14-45 a very good successor. OK, it's 2/3 EV slower across the range and not quite as far-reaching. But that doesn't matter too much since the E-M5 sensor is significantly better than that of the Pentax and I now have fast primes at my disposal. Furthermore, the 14-45 is at least as sharp, and sharper at the long end wide open. Wide open towards the long end was something I learned to avoid to the extent possible with the Sigma. Of course, the 14-45 is also far smaller and less than half the weight. Finally, it has OIS, which I actually use with this particular lens instead of the E-M5 IBIS since it does a better job of counteracting the E-M5 shutter shock.

Of course IS is a good thing in certain situations with bad light if you've got it, but you'll manage without. Just remember the rule not to use longer shutter times than the FF equivalent focus lengths. For instance if you use 150 mm on m4/3, don't go under 1/300 s unless you have a tripod or other support or very steady hands.

Sometimes I have a feeling that the IBIS seems to have it's own life in certain situations and causes a kind of "circular" blur which is visible on big prints or when pixel peeping, so if the shutter time is short enough I think it might be better to put it off.

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