E M-5 and lenses . Reason to be concerned?

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Re: In most conditions stabilisation is irrelevant

Anders W wrote:

slimandy wrote:

I have for other systems. Bokeh was not as nice with VR (Nikon 70~200). I can find you a link. I have not seen the same research for MFT though.

I have heard about problems with other systems too. But with those I have personally used (Pentax SR, Panasonic OIS, Olympus IBIS as implemented in the E-M5), I have never found any indication that keeping the system on when at shutter speeds so high that it isn't really needed has any adverse effects.

I am intrigued by IS on leading to bokeh being worse. What would be the mechanism for that?

I will do some systematic tests when I get the time. Very interesting.

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