DSLR camera in portrait mode

Started Mar 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
Russell Evans Forum Pro • Posts: 12,607
Re: DSLR camera in portrait mode

A L-bracket let's me position the camera on my swing arm tripod in ways not possible without.

A L-bracket lets me use lighter as well as smaller supports with my camera.

In keeping with both the above, I can attach my camera to a lot of random objects. Sign posts, parking meters, railings, ...

If you are taking panoramas, the camera in the portrait position on the pano head provides a Vertical FOV for the finished photograph.

If you use a macro rail system, being able to mount the camera in landscape or in the portrait position can mean getting the exact framing you want.

All said, an L-bracket isn't less about speed for me, and more about getting more physical control over the camera.

Thank you

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