HS50EXR - SL1000 - Any other superzoom - Which one to buy ??

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Re: HS50EXR - SL1000 - Any other superzoom - Which one to buy ??

nicknd99 wrote:

I stopped by my local Costco this evening and they had a FZ200 on display.  Crap, now I'm second guessing my XS1...ugh.  Make no mistake, the XS1 feels like a different class of camera (which I suppose it is in some ways given its larger sensor and DSLR-like feel and ergonomics), but that constant 2.8 lens was something.  Focus felt much faster than my XS1, and the viewfinder was great if unfortunately cramped compared to the XS1.  I also liked the swivel screen compared to the hinged of the Fuji. Two motorized ways to zoom, but of course no manual zoom...such a plus with the Fuji XS1 (and HS series).  That being said, the lens zoomed out to max pretty quickly.  One major thing that got my attention was how much more effective the stabilization was.  I was shooting full zoom, handheld, and the shots look great....on the camera's LCD.  Could be a different story when view on a proper monitor.  Regardless, the faster lens allowed for a larger aperture and faster shutter speed. Anyway, I won't go into features as those can easily be found, but I think I'm going to drop by Costco again soon, but next time with a SD card for some test photos.

That is the reason I am waiting Fuji X-S2 (And hope they release it). With rise of HS50, some features on X-S1 became old.

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