For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

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Re: sheep herding?

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- 17/1.8: small and fast, good IQ, classic street photography focal length. Expensive (£400).

- 17/2.8: although compact, slow AF and IQ/aperture poor, avoid.


Ya' know, there are some pretty compelling tests comparing the 17/2.8 to the 17/1.8 and the 2.8 actually holds up pretty well. In my tests, the 17/2.8 also bests the Pan 14... so just sayin' given these two facts, singling out the 17/2.8 as an "avoid" is probably more driven by internet sheep herding.

Indeed, as they say here the Mother of the Cretins is always Pregnant. In other forums the 17/2.8 has developed in a small cult, but a long lasting, delightful one:

It's been on for 4 years!

Here instead the Panny noobs developed a negative meme, so that the Oly lens could be blackballed forever. 99% of course never used one.



Didn't you post these a little while ago?

The 17mm 2.8, according to the results, is about kit lens level. It has a motor driven AF like the 20mm. However, I don't think any lenses on m43 are really "bad", but it is one of the worst, comparatively. Saying the worst in a group of good items doesn't make it unusable, it's just the bottom of the list.

Edit: As a side note, when I had the 20mm, I never had an issue with it's AF speed, and I don't think it's slow. Motor based does have a few other issues (noise for video... moving the front? is that an issue?) but I don't think that hurts when going traveling.

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