To go full frame or not?

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Re: To go full frame or not?

npires wrote:

How about considering a cheap deal on the NEX speedbooster? It's pretty much near full frame and the extra 2 stops you get from your lens will allow you to use faster shutter speeds to compensate from the lack of IS unless you get a canon lens with IS it will probably work with the speed booster. I think this route would be cheaper than proper full frame? Benefit is if you do go full frame in the future you'll be able to share your lenses between the NEX and the proper full frame body

I can't speak about this from experience - yet - but on Friday the  Speedbooster to go with my three Zeiss lenses and a Nex 7 should arrive.  Given the IQ that I have already experienced with the 7 I expect it to rival most FF cameras in IQ.  I have had the Nex 5, 5n, and now the 7, and I see a difference in IQ with the 7.  Some say the 24mp does not matter, but I disagree.  The IQ of the 7 is outstanding.  The Speedbooster is supposed to up the resolution as well as the f-stops of whatever it is put on.  Finally let me say that the 7 has great dynamic range.  DxO confirmed that.

A FF IMO has three advantages over the Nex:  1) better DOF, 2) greater AF speed, and 3) better high ISO noise.   Regarding 1, I expect the lower f-stops the Speedbooster allows to help make up for the DOF issue; regarding 2) I shoot almost exclusively MF myself -- it may or may not be important for you -- and of course any DSLR will be faster, although some have gone the LAE-2 route on the Nex; regarding 3) that might be the most important advantage if you shoot a lot of low light, although I have found the 7 sensor can take a large amount of NR and still retain detail.

The D800E has been mentioned but what I see in reading the D600 and D800E are not the same, and certainly not the same price.  The 800E is probably another notch up the IQ scale.  I don't think the 7 would compare favorably with it, but at this point I believe the 7 will compare favorably with the 600, and once the Speedbooster arrives that will up its performance.

All of this and I haven't even mentioned weight.  Don't forget when considering weight it's not just the camera but the lenses also.

Like any camera purchase it boils down to the old cliche, what is important to you and how do you shoot?


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