Panasonic GX1 or E-PL2?

Started Apr 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Its about "Jumping on a DEAL", not photography. I Do It if I were Bob-T

Bob Tullis wrote:

BobT wrote:

So I'm not hearing that I should rush out and grab that GX1 "because it's so much better than the E-PL2, and that you'd be a fool not to get it"?

I'm not hearing anything about the E-PL2 limiting your objectives and skill set.

That is not what Bob-T is asking us.  What Bob-T want to know is:

  • - Should He jump on a used $250 GX1 deal or not
  • - Its not about Photography or learning photography
  • - Its about Seizing a Deal before its gone
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