For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

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Re: For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

Randell Tober wrote:

I've already decided that the 25 1.4 will be my first prime- hopefully this week. It took me a while to decide, but I feel it's a no brainer once you look at all of the data-comments.

I was hoping that a magical rebate etc... would strangely arise soon so I could get a good break on it. B&H already has it down to $499... Anything best that right now?

Not really, $500 is the going rate for the 25 1.4. If you have have a credit card with reward points get a gift card for and buy the lens from them.  sometimes best buy has stuff.

also search the net I seem to recall that best buy will match B&H or amazon on pricing.  Search best buy price match read something about it.

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