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stevewmn Forum Member • Posts: 91
Re: Best Buy is probably dead in the next few years.

I think they might be wise to consolidate to fewer but larger stores.  Consider the example of Fry's and Micro Center versus the CompUSA of 15 years ago.  CompUSA had a lot of stores and the market couldn't support a lot of computer stores in the face of internet competition.  Fry's and Micro Center are survivors in the face of stiff internet competition because they don't have a lot of stores.  Some people want to touch and view laptops and monitors, don't want to pay shipping on small parts, and don't want to wait for shipping.

As part of their consolidation they might also look at cramming more product on their floors.  Fry's and Micro Center are not wide aisled, polished sales boutiques like Best Buy.  But they're crammed floor to ceiling with products, and that probably means less lost sales opportunities due to lack of stock.

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