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Re: A first try using Helicon Focus

digital ed wrote:

Duncan C wrote:

Overall, it looks like Helicon Focus does a better job "out of the box" than PS does, but it still isn't perfect, and I don't see a way to touch up the results by hand in Helicon.

This will show you how.

How to edit Helicon stacks

Go to the retouching tab.

I've been playing with the parameters and improved the results significantly. However, I find the brush-based retouching tools to be really horrible. They are really laggy, so trying to draw onto the image with a brush is all but impossible to do smoothly. It's like trying to use a brush on partly dried contact cement. (I'm a Mac user/developer, and it may be that the Mac implementation is poor. I'm using an older 8-core Core 2 Duo Mac Pro that has very good performance for multi-threaded tasks like Photoshop. I may try the retouch on my newer quad-core i7 Macbook Pro, which is slightly faster for single-threaded tasks.)

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